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North Inner City Drugs Task Force


Crinan Youth Project was established in 1996 in response to the heroin crisis & the lack of services for under 18 year olds who were experiencing problematic drug use in the North Inner City. Since it’s establishment, Crinan Youth Project has responded to the changing trends of drug use and the needs of young people and families affected by these issues.

“Crinan Youth Project believes that every young person with an addiction has the potential to recover and has the right to the same opportunities as other young people”

Crinan Youth Project provides a range of quality treatment interventions in a safe and supportive environment, to empower young people to end their dependence on drugs and alcohol.

Dignity & Respect
Honesty, Consistency and Responsibility
Safety and Security

Core Aims
The Crinan Youth Project is a community based drug treatment facility that offers a quality service to young people and their families. In engaging particularly with young people who seek to address their drug problems, we recognise that many of them have already experienced social exclusion and a fundamental lack of choice in their lives. They may also be trying to process the many challenging dimensions of adolescent development.
In order to provide the most effective support to young people and their families the project places special value on the following process:

• Engage young people in alternative attractive activities
• Expose them to helpful new experiences
• Support them to develop flexibility in responding to the programme
• Take people where they are at
• Build quality relationships
• Nurture the positive
• Challenge what needs to change
• Build-up young peoples’ self-esteem in creative ways
• Bring young people to a place of choice and responsibility in their decision making

As a youth project, we hope that by engaging in this process, young people will achieve a happier and better quality of life, both while they are on the project and in the future.
The project favours an environment which is drug-free. While this involves the total prohibition of drugs while on the programme and in the project, it also involves supporting young people to detox from all drugs in as short a timeframe as possible.

The Approach
We use a treatment approach called Community Reinforcement Approach.

The community reinforcement approach (CRA) is a treatment approach that aims to achieve abstinence by eliminating positive reinforcement for using and enhancing positive reinforcement for a sober/drug-free lifestyle. The goal of this approach is to make sober/drug-free lifestyle more rewarding than drinking/using drugs. The approach utilises social, recreational, familial and vocational reinforcers to assist in the recovery process. This approach underpins our careplans and groupwork with the young people and to compliment this CRAFT (Community Reinforcement Approach Family Training) is used in the Family Support Services.

The Programmes
Assessment - This is the first phase of accessing the programmes, where we assess the needs of the young person to establish if they are suitable for one of our programmes and if so which programme would best suit their needs.

Pre-Entry Group - This group is for young people who are experiencing problematic drug use, and need support to reduce their use.

Full-time Programme - This programme is to support young people who are stable in their drug use to work towards becoming drug-free.

Progression Programme - This programme is to support young people who are on a training/education programme (including school).

Aftercare - This programme is to support young people who have completed drug treatment and have moved on to employment/education/training.

Family Support Programme - This programme is designed to support family members of the young people who are experiencing drug problems.

Crinan Cocaine Treatment Service
This service provides information and support to people experiencing difficulty relating to their use of Cocaine, Crack Cocaine and Headshop Drugs. This programme is designed to provide specific drug treatment to problematic intranasal cocaine users, crack cocaine users, and headshop drug users between the ages of 14 - 21 in the North Inner City. 

We are running the CCTS as autonomous from our main service though clients that enter the new service will be given the opportunity to progress through to our main service programmes, should they feel that they will benefit from the extra support. This programme involves:
• 2 Outreach workers – 1:1 support, assessment & referral for further treatment, residential (where necessary)
• An evening drop-in service – Monday and Thursday between 6-8pm
• Crisis intervention
• Counselling
• Holistic therapies

The aim of this programme is to provide a safe, friendly and relaxed service into which young people can feel comfortable in accessing treatment for problematic cocaine/headshop stimulant use. To encourage these young people to work towards reducing their use and looking at their treatment options.

72 Sean McDermott St.,
Dublin 1.
Tel: 01-8558792
Fax: 01-8552320