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North Inner City Drugs Task Force


BeLonG To Youth Service
BeLonG To Youth Services was set up in Dublin in 2003 and is now a national service operating in 9 locations around Ireland.  Our vision is "for an Ireland where Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) young people are empowered to embrace their development and growth confidently and to participate as agents of positive social change."  BeLonG To provides direct youth work, and national policy, service development, advocacy, training and research.  
In Dublin, BeLonG To's direct services are offered to LGBT young people aged 14 – 23 years.  BeLonG To’s youth workers and drugs outreach worker offer one-to-one support to young people and their families. BeLonG To's Youth Work Team facilitates six groups; 
BeLonG To Sunday, a weekly group open to all LGBT young people, held in Outhouse at 105 Capel Street (3pm-6pm);
  • IndividualiTy, a bi-weekly group for transgender young people (Wednesday, 6pm-8pm);
  • LadyBirds, a weekly group for young lesbian, bisexual and trans women (Thursday, 6pm-8pm);
  • A bi-weekly Over-18s group (Wednesday, 7pm-9pm);
  • Youth Space (Wednesday, 3pm-5.30pm);
  • Youth Facilitators (closed group).
  • One-One support (around drugs/alcohol issues)
BeLonG To also offers consultations to youth workers and other professionals working with LGBT young people and their families, and training to professionals around specific LGBT drug use
Our commitment to building a society in which LGBT young people are valued and included means that our work has always included advocacy as well as direct services.  We find that homophobia and exclusion are not caused simply by individual prejudice but by structural inequalities within Irish society.  We understand advocacy to be speaking out on the inequality and exclusion experienced by LGBT young people in Ireland.  We speak out with the aim of promoting LGBT young people’s interests in terms of legislation, policies, professional practices, and broader cultural and social change. 
BeLonG To Drugs Service
This service exists to address concerns people may have about drug/alcohol use and offers people the opportunity to access support in dedicated LGBT youth space. It is free of cost and confidential. The Drugs Service can be contacted on or 01-6706223 or
What does the Service do? 
  •  Supports young LGBT people in relation to issues of alcohol and drug use non-judgmental and confidential 
  • Outreach work to young LGBT drug users to make people aware that the service is there and where to find it 
  •  Education, information and prevention work with the young LGBT community to raise awareness on issues of drug and alcohol use within the community 
  • Information and training on LGBT issues for mainstream drugs services to support services in making their space safe for LGBT service users 
  •  Referral of young LGBT people to specialized agencies and services to allow young LGBT people to access safe and positive support 
The BeLonG To Drugs Service is unique and is the first to respond to issues of drug use amongst LGBT young people in Ireland.
Contact Details
BeLonG To Youth Project
OUThouse Community Centre
105 Capel St
Dublin 1
Tel: 01-6706223