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North Inner City Drugs Task Force

ACET AIDS Care Education and Training

ACETís mission is to contribute to a post-HIV Ireland, where stigma and discrimination of those with HIV is no longer an issue, and where those infected or affected by HIV can move beyond an identity linked to their status. We do this by providing client-centred care in the community to men, women and children who are infected or affected by HIV. Since 1992 we have worked with about 100 families, in some cases with up to four generations at a time.
Our family and adult support includes: home visits; hospital and other medical appointments; family/individual therapy sessions; funerals; DIY; family outings, events and respite weekends. In the process, we help them with personal development & goal-setting, helping clients take a greater degree of control over their lives. The highest value on our care work is the impact of the emotional support that is provided.  Although this is difficult to measure, it seems to be what our clients appreciate most about ACET support work; it is common for our clients to have a combination of multiple issues including addiction, mental health issues, poor health and HIV, low education, etc.  With few resources to help cope with lifeís daily struggles one of ACETís biggest successes is the emotional support clients receive. 
Our children and youth work includes home visits; creativity & cookery workshops; homework help; mentoring; school liaison meetings; hospital and other medical appointments; bereavement programme; outings; and a summer project.
ACET also liaises with social services, probation, the health board and other agencies, as necessary.
Our education and training services have reached over 25,000 people with vital information to empower choices and improve health. We have worked in schools, colleges, community groups, conferences, churches and in the training of key community workers, including church leaders and addiction support workers.
14-15 Lower OíConnell Street
Dublin 1
Tel 01 87 87 700